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Disclaimer of medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

The Letran Food information and/or guides provided on the website: letranbermondsey.com is for everyone’s reference only; it is not considered medical advice, nor intended as a substitute for diagnosis treatment from medical practitioners. If suffering from issues with health, or requiring emergency assistance; the patient should be taken immediately to the nearest medical facility.

https://letranbermondsey.com/ strives to bring the most informative, practical and complete information by referencing from open source web publications like Wikipedia or USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture. That is, the information on the website is not a substitute for any legal document, or does not imply any accuracy of the information contained within letranbermondsey.com. 

Therefore all risks whether short and long term when the reader applies guides and information from this site to personal health status and/ or issues; letranfood.com & letranbermondsey.com will not be liable.

In all cases, the reader understands and agrees that any damage and/ or loss including directly and/ or indirectly arising from the use of information/ guides on this website by any user, letranfood.com and letranbermondsey.com will not responsible.

Disclaimer for product categories.

All information and data contained in letranbermondsey.com product catalogues are consulted by letranfood.com and collected from many 3rd party sources, with the aim of providing the user simplified categories for easy searching.

Content on this website is compiled from open sources easily found on the internet before the content is publicly available on this or any relevant data website. Therefore, readers understand the content that has been sourced and published from other websites.
However, we still have to remind readers: “Articles posted on the website: letranbermondsey.com is for reference only, it is not a substitute for diagnosing and treating diseases, issues and / or in an emergency situation”. 

If you find a description has an error, please report it to info@letranfood.com with a brief explanation and the product name.

Disclaimer for herbal content.

For the herbal related content, we consult open source (third party) literature from traditional medicine articles, including detailed information about traditional medicinal plants, traditional Chinese herbs, and history widely used amongst traditional people of Vietnam. Therefore the effectiveness of medicinal herbal related content is also based on local factors and experience in use. This information is for reference purposes only, not a substitute for professional medical advice.

Disclaimer for technical errors, website disruption.

The website letranbermondsey.com will try its best to make this site functional, with faster page load times, to help users have a good experience globally. However, we do not guarantee that any disruption to the website does not occur, including malware, viruses, unauthorized users, hackers who attack this or any Letranfood Ltd related website. Letranfood.com & letranbermondsey.com website(s) is/ are not legally responsible if any of the above scenarios occur.

*At the same time, we reserve the right to temporarily / permanently suspend the website, or any functions, without prior notice. 

Disclaimer when sharing personal information.

In required cases, when there are sufficient grounds for information disclosure and it is necessary to prevent violations of the law, we reserve the right to share personal information of customers with  United Kingdom & international law enforcement agencies; who are authorized for law enforcement purposes. Therefore, we are not liable for the sharing of personal information in this exceptional case.

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