26 Feb

Eat at

Letran Bermondsey is proud to announce a new café plus shop.

For many, the future has changed as companies require their workforce to work at home, so this new style of living and working poses challenges to Letran Bermondsey. The question for us was how to stay in contact with existing customers while still able to grow with newcomers. No easy task but we knew that remaining as a restaurant, we would not be able to maintain a healthy business but a stagnant one. This is why we created a shop to coincide with our cafe. A shop that could offer customers an alternative to ordering takeaways, for which the market has grown since lockdown procedures were enforced. Letran Bermondsey now flies in food from Vietnam on a regular basis, it is early days but we are moving forward with positive feedback from fellow Vietnamese. So our food items are being listed within this website, as a limited line and are geared to introduce people to ingredients, not readily available in London.

  • Instants come in all forms from coffee to rice porridge, Simple and fast to prepare, they make a convenient addition to any kitchen.
  • We are licensed to sell and make alcohol, our new line of WABO wines have met with surprise and encouragement.
  • Liquidated stock from other businesses, offers limited numbers to those who wish to save money
  • Ingredients create discussion and curiosity, for the need to learn more about Vietnamese food is increasing and Letran Bermondsey is more than happy to supply this demand.

So why not pop into the cafe, check out our products and whilst there, you’ll be able to order some freshly prepared Pho or a delicious Vietnamese style Baguette to take home with you.

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