26 Feb

Restaurant to

Letran Bermondsey is proud to announce a new café plus shop.

It has been a difficult year for all businesses in London, with lockdowns many found that they could no longer sustain profitability. At Letran Bermondsey, we changed many aspects of the restaurant to adapt to the decreasing number of visitors. Then we were hit with the 2nd lockdown and a rethink of the business started.

The 3-month result of the think tank:

  • We change our restaurant into a cafe.
  • Open a small food store (marketplace) for imported foods from Vietnam.
  • Create a small clothing line of unique garments flown in from Vietnam and neighbouring ASEAN countries.

Now the Covid vaccine is being rolled out and a date has been set to allow us to open, our in-house digital media specialist has set about creating a look in keeping with our new directive. This look is in keeping with 2021 design trends and we hope all our customers will enjoy the simple navigation and ordering system.

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