Sales Policy

To ensure the interests of the buyer(s), wants you to experience attentive customer care, would like to inform you of the ‘Sales Policy’. With immediate effect in the following cases:

In which customers can change products?

  • Due to the nature of for which our product(s) is food and imported clothes: When the store delivers the wrong goods to the customer, it is the customer’s duty to notify us within 24 hours of receiving / receiving the goods from the logistics company.
  • When the product is damaged, mouldy, or poor quality, the product is cross-contaminated due to damaged packaging. ( will not be responsible for actions taken by logistics inspection (s), unpacking packages for identification purposes).
  • When sends out product(s) that are not on the invoice(s).
  • When the product reaches the customer but the packaging is torn, deformed due to impact during transportation, the customer has the right not to receive the goods and immediately notify us by phone number: +44 20 3689 4156. We will investigate and the buyer(s) / customer(s) will need to take photos of the evidence and will be instructed. When eligible, will ship replacement product (s) in a manner agreed upon by all interested parties.
  • com clothing is imported and no refund(s) are granted, you should always check clothing before purchasing. No warranty implied nor given.

In case the customer wants to change the product for the above reasons within 24 hours from the date of acceptance, commits to change the product in value or category as soon as possible. The customer will not be charged any additional costs, unless the goods / product (s) have a higher value and / or weight, for which the customer will pay the difference.

Note: If after 24 hours, when our product shows signs of being used, we will refuse any and all requests for replacement, due to the nature of the goods you accepted when placing your order, goods by phone, online or in store.

In order to avoid the above cases from happening, the buyer(s) and / or the customer(s) are responsible for inspecting the product before taking over at the point of purchasing. All rights are waived in the event of no prior inspection for acceptance.

Where do customers get a refund for the product?

  • When we do not sell at the agreed price with the like price when ordering even through the website: https://
  • When our food product is an expired, shoddy, unknown product (s).

If you wish to return the foods when any of the above occurs, will refund on the basis of the received product(s) in the condition they was shipped * this applies to all food products that are factory sealed, boxed and plastic sealed.

How do I return the product?
Customers wishing to return factory sealed product(s) must notify us within 24 hours of accepting the item(s) from the logistics / courier company. After you agree, you can exchange and /or if you can pay in either of the two ways below:

Option 1: Exchange and pay directly at the store

Please bring products with purchase invoices directly to the store at: 269 Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey, London SE16 3TP.

Option 2: Direct exchange by post

For customers who are not considered local (20-mile radius) or are unable to travel due to unusual circumstances, postal return(s) will be accepted, when sending food product(s), Please specify the following information on the outside of the package:

Recipient: Letran Bermondsey
Address: 269 Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey, London SE16 3TP.
Phone: +44 20 3689 4156

Write on the back of package: [purchase date as dd/mm/yyyy]
Attach a copy of your original invoice inside.

For more information about the return policy, please contact:

Letran Bermondsey
Mailing address: 269 Southwark Park Road, Bermondsey, London SE16 3TP. informs customers the official return and return policy applicable to all forms of ordering online, by phone and at the store. We reserve the right to change this policy without prior notice; You should check all policies, terms and conditions before purchasing from Although product(s) are delivered to customers with the best quality standards, understands the unexpected incident (s) that may occur during shipping. Please take the time to read all of our policies before ordering by phone, in store or online at

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